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Delphine Ramos

Delphine (1 van 1)-7I am a generalist with a broad expertise in the field of product development (Life Sciences), project and people management. I can rapidly analyse information, identify links between activities, create (management) overviews, structure and organise. I can lead a team of professionals towards a common goal. I am target oriented and pragmatic with a great deal of creativity, sensitivity and intuition.

I believe in value-driven and people oriented organisations, where employees are engaged and sustainable performance is targeted. With ComInSenS, I intend to help companies reaching that stage, and help employees increasing their motivation and pleasure at work.


The story behind the CV

I was born in France and first came to the Netherlands in 1995 for a traineeship at Unilever Vlaardingen. I came back for my PhD that I did in collaboration with Unilever and the University of Orléans. I have a background in Chemistry and I specialised in sugar chemistry. I did my PhD in the Netherlands at the Unilever Research Laboratorium (Vlaardingen) and in Germany at the University of Münster under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Werner Klaffke. During my PhD I researched ways of substituting fat in food by chemically or enzymatically modified polysaccharides. I graduated in 2000 from the University of Orléans.

After my PhD I joined the team of OctoPlus, a company developing sustained release products based on proprietary technologies (OctoDEX, PolyACTIVE). I first learned the ins and outs of protein formulation and characterisation and quickly moved to the management of projects and people. We developed our own products but also co-developed products together with external partners or clients. Along the way I decided to fully focus on project- and program management instead of following a line management path. I have more affinity with managing broad and complex projects and programs than specialising in a discipline or development phase. During the last couple of years at OctoPlus, I managed the development program of two new products, both in pre-clinical phase.

In 2008, I moved to HAL Allergy where I first managed the development program of a new immunotherapy product against peanut allergy. I implemented the concept of cross-functional teams and full-development plan and developed project management processes and tools that were not present at that time. Due to a change in priorities I moved to the management of a program aiming at registering products that were already on the market in Germany. We were given a certain period of time by the authorities (PEI) to generate the necessary data for the dossiers. I was responsible for this program (5 groups of products) and managed the registration program of one of the products myself. During this period, we timely performed 3 phase 2 multi-country studies, set-up a Project Management Office to manage all strategic projects of the company and implemented a matrix structure. We developed processes and tools to enable resource management as well as budget and cost monitoring. A busy period I can assure you.

In 2014, I took the responsibility as Program Manager for a Compliance Enhancement Program (CEP) at Sanquin. The aim of the program was to lift the compliance hold set by the FDA following a warning letter. A remediation plan had been set before I started and my responsibility was to manage its execution including reporting to the FDA. During this assignment I built the structure, processes and tools enabling the execution and management of the program. I managed two large cross-sites teams (NL & BE) towards a common goal, the lift of the compliance hold. This program is still on-going.

I left Sanquin in the course of the year 2015 and decided to start my own company, ComInSenS (2016). ComInSenS offers interim management solutions to projects and teams and provides assistance to companies in the process of improving their performance.

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